EV & Charging Infra landscape in India

Operational Electric Vehicles​

As of December 2022, India has a total of 1.8 Million (1,802,967) operational electric vehicles. Uttar Pradesh is leading state in the country to have maximum EVs on road. The state boasts a total of 0.41 Million (414,978) of EVs as of December 2022. Below exhibit indicates the categories wise breakup of electric vehicles operational in India.


Top States – Operational EVs

Top three states in India to have maximum number of EVs are Uttar Pradesh, Delhi & Maharashtra. As of December 2022 – the total operational EVs in Uttar Pradesh were 0.41 Million ( 414,978), in Delhi it was 0.18 Million (183,741) & in Maharashtra it was 0.17 Million (179,087). Below exhibit indicates top states of India to have EV population above 0.1 Million


Top States – Operational e2W & 3W

Maharashtra has maximum number of operational electric two wheelers (e-2W) in India, with total count 0.14 Million (149,982). Karnataka is the second largest state in India w.r.t to electric two-wheeler population and has approx. 0.13 Million (131,128) of e 2W as of December 2022. Uttar Pradesh boasts the largest count of electric three wheelers (e-3W) of 0.37 Million (375,595) followed by Delhi with total e-3Ws count to be 0.13 Million (130,429).


Operational Public EV Charging Stations

As of December,2022 India has a total of 5255 EV public charging stations (PCS) . Top three contributing states are – Karnataka with 704, Maharashtra with 660 & Delhi with 539 EV PCS. Exhibit 04 indicates state wise operational EV public charging stations in India.


OMC Retail Outlets with EV Charging Facilities

As of December 2022, about 3448 oil & gas retail outlets (RO) have EV charging facilities, as per the information shared by oil marketing companies (OMC) in India. Uttar Pradesh has 308 retail outlets by OMCs where EV charging facility is available. Rajasthan has 281 retail outlets, while Karnataka has 251 retail outlets by OMCs where EV charging facility is available. Below Exhibit indicates state wise number of OMC retail outlets that have EV charging facilities.


Battery Swapping Stations at OMC Retail Outlets

As of December 2022, India has a total of 54 battery swapping stations installed by oil marketing companies (OMCs) at their retail outlets. State wise split of these can be seen in below Exhibit.


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