Renewable Energy Landscape in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Renewable Energy Profile

Key Initiatives by the State Government to promote Renewable Energy

  • Facilitate lease of 5 lakh acres of potential land in the state to renewable energy export project developers.
  • Created a shelf of 7 projects with an estimated potential of 17,800 MW to set up solar, wind & solar-wind hybrid power projects.
  • Facilitating the world’s largest “integrated renewable energy storage project” with capacity of 4,230 MW entailing 2,300 MW of solar PV , 250 MW.
  • 29 locations identified for Pumped Hydro Storage Power Projects with potential 33.2 GW.
  • The state has recently approved investments of over INR 1,05,000 crores (USD 13 Billion) in the green energy sector & integrated PV solar power project (with metallurgical grade silicon, polysilicon & float glass manufacturing) with an investment of INR 43,000 crores (USD 5 Billion).
  • Andhra Pradesh is strategically positioned to attract investments into manufacturing electrolyzers and anchor a robust ecosystem for manufacturing green hydrogen & green ammonia.


Andhra Pradesh– District wise Installation of Solar Power Projects

In Andhra Pradesh, 89% of the solar power capacity is commissioned across Ananthapurama, Kurnool & Kadapa districts. The state has 5 massive utility-scale solar plants with a total capacity of 4160 MW. Out of these, Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park( 1000 MW) and NP Kunta Ultra Mega Solar Park (978.5 MW) are among India’s largest solar power plants. The world’s largest Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project (IRESP) is also being built in Andhra Pradesh. The project will have a total capacity of 5230 MW, out of which 3000 MW would be sourced through solar energy. In 2022, the AP government commissioned a 3 MW floating solar project on the Meghadri Gedda Reservoir in the city of Vishakhapatnam. Moreover, in January this year, the AP government announced plans to procure 7000 MW of solar energy from SECI from 2024.


Andhra Pradesh – Under Development Green Energy Capacity

Andhra Pradesh has an estimated RE potential of 82.5 GW. Andhra Pradesh Cabinet has ratified fresh investment proposals worth ₹22,30 2crore in green energy projects approved by the State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB). The anticipates to add approximately 28 GW green energy capacity by 2029.



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Renewable Energy Landscape in Andhra Pradesh


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