Evaluating use cases of hydrogen in India

Use of Hydrogen in India – 2022 –Current Context

Future market size of hydrogen by region by value (in US$ Billion)

About 85 percent of the hydrogen currently consumed in India serves as a feedstock or reactant in industrial processes in refining, ammonia, and methanol plants. Other industries using hydrogen today in much smaller quantities include cement, glass, and rocket fuel production, as well as some minor applications in the food industry.


This perspective is part of Eninrac's 2023 Green Hydrogen Industry Report.

Hydrogen blending with natural gas in India – Use cases

Blending use cases with hydrogen in India

Companies can blend low percentages of hydrogen into existing natural gas networks without the need for major changes in infrastructure or new home appliances. The ability of utilities to blend hydrogen will be dependent on infrastructure and end-use characteristics, and each utility needs to assess its own pipeline systems on a case-by-case basis to determine actual acceptable levels of hydrogen blending without major changes or enhancements to existing pipeline infrastructure.


Cost comparison for greenfield steel production methods depending upon H2 prices in India

India’s hydrogen vision for steel production

In the ambitious scenario, 6 percent of steel plants could switch to a hydrogen-blend feedstock by 2030. By 2050, 14 percent of steel plants could switch to hydrogen, meaning steel production would use 1.4 million metric tons of hydrogen every year.


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