Discom wise Estimated Power Sales & Annual Revenue Requirement in Madhya Pradesh for FY 2023-24

Estimated sales of Madhya Pradesh Discoms for
FY 2023-24

Number of Consumers, Connected load / Contract Demand for FY 2023-24 have been projected based on the analysis of corresponding data of last 5 years and considering the appropriate CAGR.

In order to have more realistic projections, the Commission has re-assessed the Sales for FY 2022-23 considering 9 months actual data i.e April to December, 2022 and estimated the sales for January to March, 2023 by considering the proportion of actual energy sales in last 3 months (Jan – Mar 2022) with respect to actual energy sales during first nine months of FY 2021-22 (April 2021 to December 2021). Using this average proportion of sales, the Commission has extrapolated the actual energy sales till the month of December 2022 for the full year to assess the revised estimated energy sales for FY 2022-23.


Energy Requirement Admitted by the Commission for Madhya Pradesh

The cumulative energy requirement of all three discoms in Madhya Pradesh is estimated to be 89948.6 MUs for FY 2023-24 by the commission

For arriving at the total quantum of energy requirement, the Commission has considered annual sales grossed up by specified loss levels. The Commission has considered the distribution losses as specified in the MYT Regulations, 2021 for projecting the energy requirement for FY 2023-24. The energy balance / Energy requirement computed based on admitted sales and normative losses for FY 2023-24 and can be seen in the below table I.


Key Facts of Discoms in Madhya Pradesh


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Discom wise Estimated Power Sales & Annual Revenue Requirement in Madhya Pradesh for FY 2023-24


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