Investment Opportunity Renewable Energy Generation Space, India

RE Energy Generation​

India’s renewable energy space offers investment opportunity of above USD 200 Billion by 2030. Solar energy generation in India to see maximum investments by 2030 with government giving more impetus on utility scale solar energy projects. GoI has announced 57 solar parks of aggregate capacity 39.25 GW worth USD 19 Billion capital investment to be developed by 2030​​.


Private Players Participation

USD 178 Billion planned to be invested across green energy space in India by key market giants till 2030. Reliance & Adani group being the flagbearers to investment attractiveness in India’s green energy space. Reliance industries has signed an MoU of INR 5.9 Trillion (USD 72 Billion) with the govt. of Gujarat for establishing green energy projects till 2030. The company announced an investment of USD 7 Billion for setting manufacturing facilities -solar PV modules (manufacture of polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module), electrolyzers, fuel cells etc.


Inter Country Partnerships

UAE to be the largest investor in India’s clean energy vision followed by Japan. UAE committed an investment of USD 75 Billion from their Sovereign funds in India to support country’s clean energy vision. Japan will invest USD 39 Billion in India by 2027 to support country’s clean energy vision. India has also signed multiple agreements worth USD 121 Million with Germany for development of renewable energy sector in the country by 2030.


State’s attractiveness for Wind​

Tamil Nadu & Gujarat most attractive destinations in India for onshore wind projects. Tamil Nadu & Gujarat both are likely to witness maximum investments across scaling onshore wind energy space in India. The states cumulatively offer approx. USD 35 Billion investment opportunity till 2030 vis-à-vis the targeted capacity. Presently, Tamil Nadu has 9.6 GW of wind energy installed capacity.


State’s attractiveness for Solar​

Rajasthan to be the most investment attractive business destination for ground mounted solar energy space. An investment opportunity of close to USD 32 Billion is anticipated in the state with expansion in ground mounted solar energy capacity by 2030. Karnataka falls next in suit with an investment opportunity of approx. USD 18 Billion. Top five investment .


State’s attractiveness for Solar Parks

Gujarat to be the investment centre for solar parks development in India. 12 GW of solar parks have been approved to be installed in the state of Gujarat under the scheme – “Development of Solar Parks & Ultra Mega Solar Projects” that indicates a capital investment of approximately USD 6 Billion​.


State’s attractiveness for Hydro

About 11 GW of hydro capacity is upcoming in India till 2027.  The state of Jammu & Kashmir has maximum upcoming hydro capacity of approx. 3 GW to be commissioned by 2026. Of this total capacity maximum projects are coming up in the district of Kishtwar.


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